Before joining Chris & Karene in the Passionate Profit Mentorship, I was very stuck in my thinking…

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Emily Poel
- Grinberg Practitioner

After just 4 months with Chris & Karene in the Passion to Profit Mentorship, I made more in one day…

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Elliot Kelsey
- Massage Therapist and Osteopathic Student

Before starting the Passion to Profit Mentorship I felt like a little fish in a big pond. Within 3 months…

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Patricia Creola
- Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Sleep Expert

The most valuable thing for me since joining the Passion to Profit Mentorship, has been the support…

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Christopher Babayode
- Nutritionist, Travel Expert and Sleep Expert

Since joining P2P I now have more confidence and love that I earn money by serving people in a heart…

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Lyndal M
- Pole Dance Exercise Instructor

Before joining I had been running my practice. I’ve been in the Passion to Profit for Practitioners Mentorship for 6 months…

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Brian Jennings
- Osteopaths

The biggest thing the Passion to Profit Mentorship has given me is continuity: I now have regular clients…

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Anna Goodwin
- Stress Free Exams

In 3 months of working with Chris & Karene we’ve doubled our patient numbers and realised just how much…

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Simon Rogers and Amy Osland
- Osteopaths

Before I met Chris & Karene, I was in a fog of too much information about what I needed to do to grow my business…

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Steve Small
- Owner IDD Clinics

Before I met Chris & Karene, I’d been in practice a couple of years and wasn’t earning much money…

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Leon Baugh
- Osteopath

“…with Chris and Karene’s help, I have more free time, a better work life balance and can better help my clients…

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Graham Stones
- Massage Therapist to the English National Ballet

By month 3 of the Passion to Profit for Practitioners Mentorship I quadrupled my income! By month 6, my income…

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Alienor Kennedy
- London’s Leading Body Based Stress Solutions

When I first started working with Chris and Karene I was at the lowest point ever in my career and had only earned £300…

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David Roylance
- UK’s #1 Voice and Body Language Specialist