Chris has always been involved in health and fitness. As a child, he was a competitive swimmer and keen sportsman. Then, aged 16, he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent six months of intensive medical treatment. As traumatic as this experience was, Chris credits cancer as one of the best things that has ever happened to him. It was the experience of cancer that awoke his passion for understanding how the body works and inspired him to help people transform their health.

Unwilling to wait, he went straight from school to complete a degree in Osteopathic Medicine and started a two-decade journey into creating his own unique treatment system. Years of study combined with successfully working with thousands of clients culminated in Chris creating the Lambert-Gorwyn Method, a unique whole-body 3-Step Treatment System focused on creating permanent transformations in people’s health. Specifically designed to help women with long-term lower back pain, Chris has worked with thousands of clients in London, San Francisco and Sydney who have successfully resolved their pain and achieved a lifestyle they never believed possible.

It was when his daughter was born Chris realised despite his expertise, he had no idea how to financially support a family. This spurred him to get help and he engaged some of the best business coaches and mentors in the world to teach him how to succeed. 12 months later, Chris had built a six-figure practice and won the Elite Legacy Business Award for Profit for increasing his clinic income over 650%!

This was when he realised he needed to share what he’d learned with other practitioners, and, with Karene, created Passion to Profit for Practitioners. Together, they have taught over 1000 practitioners how to build their own six-figure practices.

Charity focus

Alongside running his successful businesses, Chris is a Trustee and proud supporter of the Charity Teens Unite Fighting Cancer.

Teens Unite is a unique charity as, not only does it provide support to teens and young adults suffering from cancer, it focuses on helping them thrive and continue with their lives once the cancer has gone.

Having had cancer himself as a teenager, Chris knows firsthand what a traumatic experience these teens are going through. However, traumatic as it was for him, Chris maintains that cancer is one of the best things that has ever happened to him as it has shaped and directed his entire career, leading him to be the success that he is today. Chris joined Teens Unite to help other teens and young adults transform their cancer experience into something positive. He is committed to supporting both the amazing charity staff as well as the teens themselves and frequently holds inspirational group mentoring sessions to share his unique and positive message.

To learn more about this extraordinary charity, and perhaps explore how you could make a difference, please visit

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